05 January 2015

As some of you might know I will be tying the knot myself this year and as we entered 2015 I suddenly got very excited about what would be happening this coming May!

We decided to use a travel theme for our wedding as it was whilst we were both travlling that fate brought us together in Asia. I was on a three month trip around Asia and my soon to be Husband was on a year out travelling the world. We were both right at the end of our trips when we met, in a small hostel in the north of Thailand.

As well as being a photographer I am also an experienced Graphic Designer and my fiance is a IT genius so we decided that we would design all our own stationary and send it out digitally, as well as build our own website!

save the date tags
travel themed wedding invitation

We used travel tags in our Save the Date emails (with passport stamps of the places we'd visited and a map of the place we met in Thailand to personalise it) and we used boarding passes for our invitations which were animated gifs so they moved around once the emails were opened.

For our website we had we used travel tags for our page menus and had a hot air ballon for our wedding day countdown. I've included some screen grabs below.

Travel themed wedding website

I have to say with my own wedding coming up I'm very excited about everything wedding related. I've been pinning like mad on Pinterest and my head is full of wedding ideas.

I still haven't picked a colour scheme for my wedding and looking back if there was one thing I would change it would be that I had picked a colour and stuck with it throughout. I'm hoping that because my venue is a little shabby chic with a mish mash of styles my colour theme won't look too out of place, whatever I chose. My flower girl (who's 6) will be picking her dress in the coming months and the colour she choses will probably determine the colour of my bouquet, so there might be another colour thrown in there yet! As I said we're very laid back about our wedding day, we want it to be chilled and fun. But maybe, just maybe, I should have picked a colour scheme and stuck to it to bring everything together.... only time will tell. I shall let you know :-)

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