Do Something Different With Your Wedding Dress

15 April 2014

After your wedding day when all the photographs have been taken and your wedding dress is ready to be put away in a cupboard not to be seen again, why not consider having a creative photo shoot to produce something a bit different and do something really creative with your wedding dress to create some truly lasting memories.

All of these images were taken in or around London either at Green Park, central London or the lavender fields near Banstead. Any park or outdoor location can be a great backdrop for some really amazing images.

Using editing techniques more associated with fine art photography than typical wedding photography, we can achieve some very different and dramatic images of you in your wedding dress that you can keep forever.

The images will be supplied to you in a digital format to print however you choose as many times as you like.

We will talk though how you would like the images to look and see how dramatic you would like the post processing to be. We can also pick a location of your choice for the shoot.

If you’re interested in one of these photoshoots please email me at for a quote.

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